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Our futures depend primarily on how we structure our daily lives. Learning how to create beneficial systems throughout the day is a tremendous way to achieve long-term success. When a behavior becomes automatic, you don’t have to “try” to do it; it’s simply just part of your day. Here are some of the most important habits you can adopt today to invest in your future self.

Invest in Your Health

Physical and mental health is much easier to maintain than to bring back once it’s missing. Luckily, it doesn’t take much each day to positively impact your life. The body does well with routines. Just like you prioritize brushing your teeth every morning (probably), try to add in a few other daily activities:

  • Sunshine. Exposing yourself to sunshine, especially in the morning, wakes you up and helps regulate your sleep cycle. Even just a few minutes while drinking a cup of tea on the patio is still a net positive.
  • Quiet time. Five minutes a day without a phone or even music playing in the background will help settle you in the long term. If you know how to practice a particular style of meditation, that’s great! Remember that thoughts during this time are normal; it’s still beneficial to allow the mind space to relax.
  • Movement. Any sort of exercise will be beneficial. This could be a post-meal walk, a midnight dance party, or a gym session.

Invest in Your Relationships

Whether you are introverted or extroverted, humans are social creatures and need some degree of connection with each other. Friendships can help us feel supported during challenging times, and they also provide moments of great joy.

It’s also important to remember to set boundaries when necessary. If a friend is highly negative or critical, you don’t need to feed into that energy. Make time for your friends and family in ways that feel comfortable and fun for you!

Dedicate Yourself to Work or School

We spend almost half of our waking time at work or school. People often think that the way to be more productive is to work more. However, a better way to approach this is to work smarter, not harder. That doesn’t mean you should slack off, but consider developing a wiser workflow, especially when working from home.

If you are sitting, make sure to stand up for a few minutes at least once an hour. Take real breaks, too; scrolling through TikTok doesn’t count. Learning to balance deep work with proper rest is one of the most important habits you can adopt today.

Set daily or weekly goals to hold yourself accountable. However, be open to learning about what constitutes a “realistic” goal.

Habits can be challenging to change. Be patient and consistent with yourself as your shift these simple but impactful pieces of your day.



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