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True You Course Series IconCourses

True You: Finding Your Path
Complete Course

If finding your true self is a journey, you can consider this 6-episode course your passport. In the complete TRUE YOU series, we’ll dive deeper into some of the specific topics I wrote about in LIKE NOW, and you’ll develop strategies to help you actively create the future you want.

18 videos, 6 workbooks, bonus materials


True You: Radically Real
Mini Course

In this mini course, we’ll work through strategies for recognizing negative thoughts and managing anxiety.

6 videos, 2 workbooks


True You: Decision Designer
Mini Course

So… what else can you do about anxiety? If making big decisions scares you, this mini-course will give you tools to overcome your fear.

6 videos, 2 workbooks


True You: Goal Getter
Mini Course

Let’s get serious about the future. These simple exercises can help you map out the life you want—with total confidence.

6 videos, 2 workbooks


Time with Tess Icon Time with Tess

Talks & Workshops

The pressures facing today’s workforce are more intense than ever. It’s important to learn how to develop your personal leadership style, navigate generational disconnect, and create a culture you can be proud of—whether you’re an experienced manager or just got promoted for the first time.

Keynotes and Workshop Ideas

Custom-design a workshop for your organization, or start with a keynote on one of the following topics:

Compassionate Culture

How to fight burnout and build a work environment that’s mindful, supportive, and inspiring for everyone on your team.

Millenial Mindset

It’s no secret that different generations hold different values, and that this can sometimes lead to tension at work. Here’s how to turn those differences into a conversation.

Leadership Lowdown

We’ll discuss what sets truly great leaders apart, and learn how to build a foundation for kind, confident communication between team members and leaders—from day one.

1:1 Sessions

If you prefer a one-on-one approach, I do accept new clients as my schedule permits. We’ll dig deep to find motivations and build a toolkit of techniques for fulfilling your goals. Let’s connect to find out more or sign up for your initial session.

Start your radically practical new life. (Like, NOW now.)

Young person who likes his life now

Take a Minute and Try this exercise with me, right now. Ready?

Grab a piece of paper and a pen. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Close your eyes and imagine that your biggest dream has JUST happened.

Focus on what you feel and where. Take another deep breath. Open your eyes.

What’s different? How do you feel now? Take a few moments to write down your thoughts and feelings. And then congratulate yourself—you’re one step closer to a better life.

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