True You: Decision Designer
Mini Course

Making decisions can be scary. How do you know if you’re making the right choice? If you’ve ever felt paralyzed in the face of a major life choice, this mini-course can help you tackle uncertainty while exploring a few more practical strategies for dealing with anxiety and stress.


Are you ready to confidently make decisions for you without worrying about what everyone else thinks?

Are you ready to get unstuck and take the steps you need to take in order to get to where you wish you were in your life or your career?

When you’re young you have so many choices in front of you. Choices are both amazing and wonderful and scary and overwhelming. Decision-making is one of the most challenging aspects of being a young adult and how to make decisions you feel good about isn’t something you learn in school.

Get my 3-step decision making process so you can learn how to break decisions down into tiny, less overwhelming steps today. This will not only boost your confidence in yourself and your choices, but will also allow you to test the waters so you don’t feel like you’re diving in head first.

How about this, I’ll make this decision for you…buy this course.

Just like the other self-guided courses, you can take this at your own pace. There are two (2) modules and each module has three (3) short videos. You can watch the videos all in one sitting or you can watch one each day, entirely up to you.

To help you really integrate these concepts I’ve created a guidebook for you with an exercise to practice after you’ve watched the videos. This guidebook is designed for you to practice as many times as you need to really understand the concepts.


Inside this Course

How To Make the Best Decisions for You (and Only You)

How To Make Choices and Decisions Without Freaking Out

Bonus Workbook: Managing Anxiety

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Mini Course

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