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Wellness, both of the body and mind, is a hot topic lately. It’s not a craze, though! You don’t need to overhaul your lifestyle or buy lots of products to improve your health. Here are just a few little things you can do for your health today without even leaving your house.

Drink More Water

It sounds like a no-brainer, but many people still don’t get their recommended daily dose of H2O. Challenge yourself to drink an extra glass or bottle of water today. If you don’t like the taste of tap water, never fear—juices and sparkling water will also hydrate you. Many fresh fruits have a high water content, too.

Make Appointments

If you’ve got any specific maladies weighing you down, sit down with your calendar and call a doctor or two. Back pain keeping you up at night? Call a chiropractor or a massage therapist. Are your allergies flaring up? Get in touch with an allergy specialist and explain your symptoms. Overwhelmed and need to talk to somebody? Lookup a therapist in your area or make an extra appointment if you already have one. Be proactive about advocating for your health.

Go Outside

If you can, go out for a walk and take deep breaths of fresh air. Stretch your muscles. Touch some grass. The sun offers a crucial dose of vitamin D that staves off sluggishness and feelings of depression. When you soak up the beauty of nature, your mind wanders away from the problems you kept inside.

Write Out a Routine

Try a new daily routine. Go to bed early tonight and aim to watch the sunrise tomorrow. Make time to decompress in between all your tasks. Start planning out your meals, too—when you plan your lunch or dinner ahead of time, it’s easier to make room for all the food groups on your plate.

You can plan for a healthier future without leaving the house. Try a few new stretches and drink an extra glass of water once you’re done reading this article! The little things you can do for your health today may seem paltry now, but if you do them tomorrow too, you’re well on your way to wellness.



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