Feel The Feels

Am I on the right path??


We all wish we had a crystal ball to tell us if we’re on a career path that will always make us happy and fulfilled or if the person we’re with is “the right one” for us.

 While you can’t predict the lottery numbers or the next election, you do have the ability to better understand if you’re on the “right” path for you. 

 The world we live in today makes it pretty hard to stop and slow down and check in with yourself. I mean why stop and get quiet and think about how you feel when you can hop on your phone and scroll Instagram? 

 Yet this is exactlywhat you need to start doing if you want to learn how to identify your thoughts and feelings. I get it…scrolling Instagram and playing games is a lot more fun in the moment which is why it is so hard to focus on our thoughts and feelings! 


Our thoughts and feelings are complicated and not always fun to examine, but it’s necessary in order to understand yourself.