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What Your Clutter is Telling You (And How to Let Go)

by Jul 18, 2019Mental Health0 comments


My last two articles I’ve talking about decluttering and letting go of the things that are holding you back. Sometimes it is all the physical stuff we have that gets in our way and keeps us stuck. Other times it’s the people in our lives or the situations we’re in that need to go.

Hopefully this past week you’ve been decluttering and getting rid of the small things in your life. The small errands you need to run, the phone calls you need to return, the co-worker you

need to tell to stop playing their loud music when you’re trying to work. All those little things that bog you down and keep you stuck and stressed.

Today I want you to Declutter one BIG thing

My husband and I have been decluttering our house and I can’t believe how emotionally draining it is to go through your things one by one! You have to make so many little decisions and I’m telling you I hated giving away those pants that haven’t fit me in 5 years….any day now I’ll be that size again!

What I realized from this process is that our physical items represent so much more than we think. Those pants I was holding onto…it wasn’t about the pants…I could care less about the pants!

I was angry with myself for putting on weight, frustrated I was still struggling with this issue and disappointed because I was doing something I tell my clients not to do…keep clothes that don’t fit! (I may be a professional but I’m human and make all the same mistakes everyone else does…I’m not immune.)

I digress…the point is decluttering both small and big things from your life is emotionally exhausting and mentally draining so for this week I want you to tackle a bigger item in your life to declutter but only one.

What is one person or aspect or event or place that you feel is holding you back?

Is there an ex that you still fantasize about getting back together even though you know they’re not right for you?

Is there an aspect of your job you feel is demeaning or out of the scope of what you were hired to do but you feel obligated to do because you don’t want to make a big fuss?

Is there a place that has so many bad memories and you need to find a way to make peace with it and with yourself?

Do you have a belief about yourself that you know is holding you back? Do you believe you’re not smart enough to start your own business or do you believe you’re not creative enough to pitch an idea? (Answer: yes you’re smart enough and yes you’re creative enough.)

Action Step: Identify Your One (1) person/space/belief you want to let go and take steps to make that happen!

Take a few moments right now to think through what you want to let go of and declutter from your life. Don’t overthink it…my guess is you know what you need to tackle…so don’t hesitate and start taking steps to make it happen.

In the comments below let me know what you decide to let go of and your plan of action!!!!

All right! I’ve got to get back to decluttering….