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How to Find Clarity, or What Feng Shui Taught Me About Chipped Plates (And Self Love)

by Jul 4, 2019Mental Health0 comments

Did you watch “Tidying Up” on Netflix? For me it was a master class in how to find clarity.

I read Mari Kondo’s book a couple of years ago and I got rid of bags of clothes and shoes that don’t bring me joy and lots of other items in my home. It felt good but like most people I fell back into old habits.

This year I decided to sign up for a Feng Shui course. If you don’t know about Feng Shui, it’s an ancient art that formed 6,000 years ago in China. It’s hard for me to define it so check out this article if you want to learn more.

Back in January I went to a conference in NYC and met a woman who is a Feng Shui expert and she gave me a few tips on things I could change in my kitchen to help with the energy of my home. I came home and took her advice and something clicked.

One of the tips was to get rid of all of your chipped plates and bowls.

OMG…I had a lot of chipped plates and bowls! Embarrassing to admit but it said something about how I was treating myself and my family and my home. Each time I pulled out a chipped plate I would think, “Oh this is chipped…we need new plates…I can’t deal with this now but later on I’ll look for new plates.” or I would think, “It still works..who cares if it’s chipped…I just won’t serve it to friends.”

It hit me that I was tolerating something I knew I didn’t want or like but felt like I didn’t have the time or energy to replace them or I didn’t deserve to have better plates.

So what does Feng Shui have to do with how to find clarity?

Whether you love to clean or you would rather get a root canal…Feng Shui is such a powerful process that I don’t want you to do what I had been doing…essentially…eating on chipped plates.

How to find clarity…

First, get clear on what you know you don’t want

I’m not Marie Kondo or a Feng Shui expert so we won’t be tackling your home…we’re going to tackle your life and learn how to find clarity by building on Kondo’s fantastic advice.

The number 1 question I get from my clients is, “How do I know if I’m on the right path?” It’s such a great question and one I want to help you answer for yourself BUT before you can answer that question, you’ve got to clear out, clean out, get rid of and let go of anything or anyone who is getting in your way and making it hard for you to find your right path and get clear on what you really want.

This week I want you to spend some time getting clear on what you most definitely don’t want in your life. I know this seems a little odd because usually when you visualize you think about what you want to attract.

What I’ve found over the years is that it’s easier to determine what you want by getting rid of things you know you don’t want. That way those pesky “well maybe I can settle for this” or “maybe my job isn’t that bad” thoughts don’t get in your way when it’s time to focus on your future.

Being young means you have so many choices and the possibilities are endless, so don’t try and choose just one thing… just focus on what you can get rid of and let go.

Action Step: Start observing and taking note of what you want to let go

I want you to spend this week looking at your life with a new perspective. Start really examining the people you surround yourself with and ask yourself, does this person make me happy? Do they bring me joy and lift me up?

Look at your habits and behaviors. Last week I talked about my horrible snooze alarm habit and how that behavior didn’t align with how I saw myself or how I wanted to live my life. Look at your habits and behaviors. What are you doing that doesn’t align with how you want to live your life?

This week is all about observation and making some notes. Grab a journal or notebook or even your phone and just make some notes on what you’re starting to observe and notice about your life.

As always, let me know what you’re starting to observe and see and if there are things you can see clearly now that need to be out of your life.