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It’s been a tough year, and maybe even tougher for you personally. It’s easy to be pulled into a self-sustaining cycle of sadness and bleak thoughts, and not so easy to pull yourself out. If you’ve experienced depression for an extended time, please consider seeking professional help. But just in case you’ve run out of ideas for helping yourself feel better, here are several ways to maintain a healthy, positive outlook.

Eat Healthy

Too often the notion of eating healthy is confused with dieting. But while healthy eating can help with weight loss, healthy eating is all about ensuring your body gets the fuel it needs to keep you operating at peak efficiency. It’s easier than you think. Make sure you’re eating three healthy meal a day and replace sugary snacks in-between meals with fruits and vegetables. Cut down on caffeine in the meantime to reduce stress and anxiety, and reconsider any alcoholic drinks as well. What goes into your body has a lot to do with how you feel, and you’ll be amazed at how much a nice salad can raise your spirits.


If you’re sad in one place, go to another. A change of scenery can distract, inspire, and energize you. Whether you ride your bike to the park, take a bus across town, or take a road trip to another or several cities in the safety of your own car, mixing up the scenery is a good way to reboot yourself. When you’re feeling down in familiar surroundings, look for new places, people, and experiences that will show you how much more there is out there.


Never underestimate the healing power of physical fitness, and not just physically. Exercise has been proven to reduce stress, produce endorphins, fight insomnia, and fight depression. Naturally, it helps you look and feel better as well, which can go a long way toward positive self-image and thoughts. Start slow but introduce some form of exercise into your daily schedule, whether through exercise, a sport, or another physical activity. Remember, you’re not training for the Olympics; you’re only training for yourself and your own personal wellbeing.

Learn Something New

A great way to reprogram your thoughts is to find a new interest, hobby, or other pastime. Find something challenging but fun such as learning a musical instrument, buying a DIY kit, or discovering an activity you can enjoy with others. No matter what you pick, know that keeping your mind active and alive and sharing experiences with others is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy, positive outlook.



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