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Remember that song, “Ok /I’m bored in the house/and I’m in the house bored”? That was the original anthem of this year, no doubt about it. As we’ve all been cooped up during the pandemic, some have found very interesting ways to pass the time. Many have chosen to expand on hobbies they’ve never had time for, some have built businesses out of the things they love to do, while others have taken the time to reflect on potential interests.

If we’re all doing our part to stop the spread of this virus, the only thing we can do is ride it out. When there’s nowhere to go and nothing to do—that’s the time to find ways to channel your creativity. Brainstorm on your interests and imagine what it may be like to finally do that thing you never had time for and get started!


Art encompasses a lot of different areas. Dance is a great way to express yourself and is more popular than ever on several social media platforms. Not only is dance a form of art, but it’s also a form of exercise. Releasing endorphins makes you happier. Increasing your heart rate gets your blood pumping, making you that much healthier. The best part? You get to perfect your moves, at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home. The public will just have to wait to see what you’ve got!

Painting, tie-dying, graphic art, and sewing are other ways people are using art and developing skills to express themselves. Think about what interests you. There’s probably a market for it! The great thing about art is that it’s open to the interpretation of the artist as well as its viewers. Let your insecurities fade away as you explore the many avenues art has to offer.


Science is one of the most underrated, vital subjects for sustaining growth and stability for our future. Use this time to consider developing your critical thinking and ask thought-provoking questions. Learn about space, microorganisms, plants, animals, elements, or anything else you’ve always had a hidden interest in.

Learn something you haven’t fully gotten to understand—the dinosaurs for instance. Where did they come from? Where did they go? What did they look like? This subject is a great way to combine history with science and get yourself thinking. Consider high-quality, dinosaur action figures to continue the exploration and develop a firmer understanding of how their bodies looked and moved.


During this time, many people have found ways to channel their love of music into making money or starting a career. Besides learning to play instruments, you may try your hand at mixing music or singing. Even if no one hears it, music tends to be mood shifting. Seek sounds that keep your spirits up and your anxiety down. If all else fails, blast your favorite emo song from high school and scream it out. You don’t have to be a doctor to understand the benefits of that prescription.

You’re not alone in the feelings you have while being stuck at home. You may find that coming up with ways to channel your creativity will be your saving grace. Don’t be afraid to explore new things. The Gen Zers offer nothing but love for individuality and putting yourself out there. Soak up the love and acceptance, push negative thoughts into the background, and get creative!



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