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As we grow older, it’s common that we spend less time playing. Fortunately, this trait is only dormant, not completely gone. Through various strategies, there are many ways that adults can add more playfulness to their lives.

Why Is Play Important?

Play is beneficial to people of all ages, not just kids. This nostalgic pastime is excellent for relieving stress, helping you feel younger, and giving you more energy. It’s a great antidote to our demanding lives.

Prioritizing play can also improve your relationships both with other people and with yourself. It provides us an opportunity to develop skills and heal emotional baggage. Anyone needing a creativity boost and a better ability to adapt to change should also add more young-spirited energy to their lives.

Schedule It In

Chances are you already plan a handful of other activities and to-do items for your day; why not add play to it as well? Even if you can’t schedule it every single time, giving it precedence over other things in your life at least once a week will still go a long way. If it feels a little awkward to do, you could always start with something as simple as making someone’s birthday fun.

Spend More Time With Fun Friends

Another way that adults can add more playfulness to their lives is through prioritizing relationships with people that bring out this spirit in us. We all know that it can be hard to be playful with a serious friend, just like it’s hard for a puppy to find its exuberate equal in a senior dog.

Instead, make plans with that friend that exudes a youthful spirit and can make you laugh. When at work or school, spend a little extra time chatting with people who make you feel better, not ones that add more drudgery to your day.

Soak It Up When It Does Happen

Finally, whenever spontaneous moments happen throughout your day, don’t skimp out on enjoying them as much as you can. This could even be with your dog or someone else’s child. When there is an opportunity to be silly, lean into it and make the best of it. Enjoy it fully as it runs its course.

Playfulness is an innate human quality that is there when you need it.



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