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Maybe you’ve got a new job and need to relocate, or maybe you’re just looking for a change of scenery. Whatever the reason is for your upcoming move, you may think that you’re in for an unavoidable hassle. Save yourself a headache, and make your moving experience a breeze with these top tips for relieving stress during your move.

Budget Your Time

Time is your most valuable resource in the moving process. Packing will be the most time-consuming piece of the puzzle, so make sure to give yourself several days to focus solely on that. You know your process better than anyone, but a good rule of thumb for a stress-free move is to estimate the time you’ll need for a given task and then double it. A day to take apart your furniture? Make it two!

If you end up with extra time, you can get ahead on other tasks, but also consider using those moments to take a breath. Remember, you gave yourself more time than you needed for a reason.

Use a Packing System

You might think that a packing system is only helpful during the pre-move period, but it’s essential for ensuring a smooth post-move too! The more thought you put into loading and labeling your boxes, the easier it will be to unpack and rehome them when you arrive at your new place.

You could get extremely detailed and create a spreadsheet with every item in every box, but that might be heading toward a counterproductive level of planning for your relaxed moving experience. Instead, try packing and labeling your boxes based on room, with helpful keywords to let you know where they might go in bigger spaces. For example, you might have a box labeled “Living Room, Coffee Table” where you could put all your coasters, magazines, and remote controls.

Hire a Moving Company

Whether it’s lugging your boxes up three flights of stairs or trying to cram them into an elevator, moving your possessions is the most physically demanding aspect of any move. Thankfully, you can avoid this part of the process entirely by hiring a moving crew. Leave all the heavy lifting to someone else, and focus your time elsewhere!

Remember to Sleep

Finally, don’t underestimate the importance of consistent rest. You might find yourself packing late into the night just to get it done, but there’s no need to rush. Pick a packing cutoff time, and stick to it! Just like you need a work/life balance, you need a move/sleep balance.

No matter what your situation is, moving doesn’t have to be torture. Keep these top tips for relieving stress during your move in mind, and you’ll be in your new home with a clear head in no time!



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