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The Secret to Marie Kondo-ing Your Life’s Clutter

by Jul 11, 2019Mental Health0 comments


Welcome back! Have you been observing your life and asking yourself the question, “What do I need to let go of?” Are you starting to notice there are things in your life you’ve been tolerating that you’re not willing to tolerate any longer?

In my last article I talked about how the simple act of getting rid of chipped plates woke something up in me. Now I know that changing a behavior or maybe letting go of a relationship or good friend is not like tossing a chipped plate into the trash.

This first step of observing what isn’t working in your life is just that…a first step. Don’t get overwhelmed because we’re going to start with the small things…

Start with the small things

This week I want you to work on getting rid of the things in your life that are small. The low hanging fruit of your life. What is one daily habit you can break in order to declutter your life and create space and energy to bring in the things you do want?

Think of the things that are cluttering up your brain. Making that dentist appointment, getting rid of the things in your room that you don’t use and don’t want and are just collecting dust. Paying the parking ticket or paying your friend back. Calling your grandmother.

They can also be things like not having that extra cup of coffee in the afternoon you don’t really need and always keeps you up too late and makes you tired the next day so you feel like you need an afternoon coffee.

Telling your roommate to stop slamming the door each time she comes in or cleaning up your files on your computer or making space on your phone by getting rid of apps you never use.

Think about all those little, pesky items and make the commitment to take care of them this week.

Action Step: Pick one item to do each day and do it!!!!!

It’s one thing to think about decluttering and it’s another to actually do it. Thinking about it and being aware of it is great but you have to deal with it if you want to open up the space to really make changes.

Sit down and make that list and each time you think of something jot it down and make sure you take care of it. I want you to pick at least one a day but if there are lots of things on your list — try and tackle them all this week. Set aside ½ hour each morning to make the appointments, call your grandmother, send that gift, declutter your home or office because next week we’re going to start working on the bigger stuff.

In the comments below tell me how you’re doing! What are getting rid of? What little tasks have you finally taken care of and how does it feel?