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Everyone’s heard of spring cleaning—but did you know it doesn’t have to include just scrubbing baseboards and wiping down the ceiling? Spring cleaning is all about giving your space a refresher as you welcome the new, warmer weather. At the same time, the goal is to create a healthier mindset for yourself as you enter into a new chapter of the year. Check out these spring cleaning tips for your wellbeing.

Purge Your Bedroom

Closet purging is all the rage right now, but have you considered a purge of belongings may be beneficial for more than just your closet? Take the mental boost that comes with newly warm weather in stride and set future you up for a healthier sleep space by ridding your room of extras.

Go through each item in your bedroom and take note of what you use regularly or makes you happy. If it doesn’t accomplish either of those vital tasks, then it doesn’t need to remain in your space. Lessening the number of belongings in your room minimizes the potential for clutter and overwhelming feelings. A clean, minimal space filled with only what you use and like makes space for better sleep and calmer mornings.

Clean Your Daily Routine

Not only should you clean the items you actually use during your daily routine, but you should also remove the steps from those rituals that aren’t serving you currently. Here are the things you should clean:

  • Makeup brushes.
  • Actual makeup containers—those get really dirty after a while!
  • The bottles your skincare and soap are in—dust builds up.

To clean the routine, pay attention to the steps you take and how you feel about each of them. If your face wash smells unpleasant or your lotion leaves a greasy residue that puts you in a bad mood, resolve to finish the bottle and find a new brand or style of product.

Rearrange Your Space

More than just dusting or wiping down surfaces, try switching up the layout of your home for some extra focus and energy. Sometimes, just switching the way a chair faces or which way your bed lays can bring a whole new outlook on the season.

Look into some new ways to decorate on a budget while moving your couch to face the other direction. Little changes can feel like a new beginning—which is quite fitting with the shift in weather.



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