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Although individual involvement only accounts for a fraction of total pollutants, you can take some easy steps to reduce your environmental impact. These are simple alterations to be more eco-friendly that you can implement into your life very quickly.

Reduce and Reuse

An overall tactic to living a greener life is to focus on reducing the number of things you consume. The best way to lower your environmental impact is to produce less trash. The second-best thing you can do is reuse anything you can. Don’t toss water bottles instantly; use them again. Finally, make sure you recycle anything you can after you reuse it.

Avoid Plastics

One of the most common materials that have a large environmental impact is plastic. Whenever you can, avoid buying products with disposable plastic. Switching to reusable metal or other reusable materials will greatly increase your eco-friendliness.

Change Your Bulbs

A quick switch you can make in your home is replacing your light bulbs with energy-efficient bulbs. These bulbs waste less electricity, thereby requiring less from electricity production plants. Also, energy-efficient bulbs save you money on your electric bill!

Cut Down on Energy Use

To follow along with the premise of the energy-efficient bulbs, lowering your electricity usage can really save a lot of money while limiting your environmental footprint. Look for electronics you don’t use and unplug them or turn off the lights whenever you aren’t in a room. Getting into good energy-saving habits helps the environment and your wallet.

Choose Green Decorations

This isn’t as quick of a fix but decorating with green materials whenever possible can have a positive environmental impact. There are many ways you can decorate your home in green ways, from using reclaimed materials to creating compost bins and buying locally. Using cloth products over disposable ones can improve your home’s feel and lower your emissions, as well.

These are just some simple alterations to be more eco-friendly that you can make in your everyday life without sacrificing too much. Even if some of these changes seem difficult, implementing even one change can make a big difference in the long run.



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