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How to Stop Saying Yes to Things You Don’t Want To Do

by Jun 13, 2019Mental Health0 comments



You might be days away from yet another family function, party, or gathering…….how are you feeling? Exhausted? Energized? Somewhere in between?

As I’ve said (more than once), family functions or even parties mean different things to different people.

This week’s topic: Do what makes you happy

This week’s topic is a simple one. Do what makes you happy. Do what makes you light up inside and makes you feel like YOU.

If you love family functions and parties and gatherings then please, do them all. Say YES to everything. BUT if this isn’t you…don’t say yes to all the parties and obligations. More importantly, don’t feel bad about honoring who you are as a person.

If you’re like me, find a balance in between.

Set the tone right now and start focusing on what makes you happy and not what you think would make other people happy.

Action Step: One simple question

Before you RSVP, before you say “yes” or “no” to anything, ask yourself, “Would this make me happy?”

Give yourself time to respond if you need but if you get an invite and you know you don’t want to go…just RSVP right then…no. Don’t let it linger in your inbox and then the day before tell them “no” – even though the response is the same what you’re unconsciously telling yourself you don’t know what you want.

You know what makes you happy and what makes you light up inside so stopping doubting yourself. Start today.