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We call it falling in love for a reason. This intense emotion that makes our hearts feel as if they might explode is seldom a simple walk through the park as we gently gain intense feelings for our partner. No, instead, we fall, run, or crash into love. And here’s the thing—falling in love is the easy part. Commitment? That evokes more thought and questions. Let’s discuss how to know when it’s time to commit in your relationship.

Infatuation Has Turned Into Something Deeper

Infatuation is an intense but short-lived passion. We’ve all been there. It showed up in those relationships that made us feel like we might’ve crossed the line over to insanity. The truth is, infatuation isn’t far from it.

Then suddenly, those feelings of passion and stirring butterflies end, and we realize that, alas, they weren’t indicative love after all. Infatuation fades, and although chemistry is a fabulous thing, don’t confuse it with compatibility. You shouldn’t commit to a relationship until you’ve made it through the infatuation phase and into reality.

There Is No Interest in Dating Other People

Please don’t commit to someone if your eyes are still in wondering mode. If there’s a need to date around because you aren’t sure you’ve met the one, or at least someone worthy of your undivided attention, do the right thing and don’t offer commitment.

Stay open and honest about your thoughts and desires. Not feeling ready to settle with someone doesn’t make you a bad person. It means you’re wise and aware of the differences between dating, infatuation, and commitment.

However, when you begin to notice people who used to turn your head can no longer get as much as a flirty grin from you, it may be time to commit to the one who does.

There Is Equal Communication

Are you both reaching out regularly to say “hello,” or is it more often one-sided? If you can both expect sweet little notes and check-ins from each other throughout the day or when your schedules allow, it’s a sign of commitment to the relationship.

You Talk About Anything and Everything

A good sign that the relationship may be heading toward a committed state is an ability to share everything with each other. From your favorite ice cream to your deepest fears, you’ve covered it all, and you’re at a comfort level you’ve never felt before.

You Simply Love Being Together

It’s time to commit when you both just want to hang out all the time, even apart from sex. You miss each other when you’re apart but not in an obsessive and possessive way. This person is now your best friend, and whether you’re binging Netflix episodes or drinking your morning coffee, nothing feels right without them by your side.

In conclusion, it can be tough to know when it’s time to commit in your relationship, and you shouldn’t take commitment lightly. Remember that your gut tells you a lot, and it’s worthwhile to listen to it. Follow your gut feeling, along with these tips we’ve discussed, and you’ll make the right commitment decision.




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