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For most people, working from home has become the norm this year. Although, when it comes time to head back into the office, businesses and employees should consider making a shift to allowing work from home options, especially during winter. Here are four reasons to work from home in the winter.

Increase Your Productivity

The workplace can sometimes be full of distractions, especially in the winter, when everyone in the office seems to be talking about their holiday plans. By working from home, you won’t have to experience in-office distractions. Of course, you’ll have to ward off new at-home distractions such as others turning on the TV. Thankfully you can control if you turn on the TV or not, unlike muting your noisy coworker.

Eliminate the Dangerous Commute

Winter weather brings dangerous road conditions. Driving on slick, wet roads can make getting to work on time far more complicated and create a greater risk of getting into an accident. When you work from home, you can skip the stress and dangers of the winter commute.

Positive Mental Health

As the sun sets earlier and temperatures drop, so do our moods. Seasonal affective disorder can often make employees feel tired and unmotivated. Remote work helps fight these symptoms by creating a more flexible schedule, more free time to seek help, indulging in uplifting hobbies, and increasing your access to natural sunlight.

Natural sunlight is an excellent defense against seasonal affective disorder. If your desk isn’t near ample sunlight and you find yourself arriving and leaving work in the dark, it can drastically affect your mental health. While working from home, you can easily get some natural sunlight by stepping outside on your lunch break or working near a window.

These four reasons to work from home in the winter will drastically improve your health and work experience. Forget cold unproductive days in the office and settle in for a healthier work life at home.



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