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Coming out of college can be an exciting experience. Without classwork, homework, or looming deadlines, the world seems full of endless possibilities. However, it can also be scary. Job hunting, apartment hunting, and adult responsibilities quickly take over. The real world also leaves many recent graduates lost and confused about what they want to achieve. Anyone in this situation must read these best online businesses for new graduates to expand their potential and start a new career.


Social media is huge. With many platforms full of millions of users, it’s impossible not to see this as a potential business option. Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Reddit, and Snapchat are all great platforms for promoting your image. With that, there are many possibilities for being an influencer. Many young people find travel, fitness, or beauty to be great career potentials. These appeal to those who want to live a healthy lifestyle or see the world. Remember, being an influencer means plugging brands and products. Gain a substantial following and reach out to various agencies, companies, and brands to gain product sponsorships or partnerships.

Promotional Products

You could also sell promotional products, like hats, clothes, or other customizable items. Whichever items you sell, make sure you know how to grow your promotional product business. Research trends and styles that diversify your product line. Understand what sells best to ensure a high return on investment while growing your brand recognition. Consider aligning yourself with various influencers to reach a wider market. If you sell skate shoes or fitness clothes, for example, reach out to a skateboarding company or fitness influencer to plug your products. Like with any business, research the competition. Find ways to set yourself apart without losing sight of your short-term and long-term goals.


Tech startups are another lucrative online business for new graduates. They are popular amongst STEM students because they allow for them to use the skills they gained in school to real-world practices. The biggest trend in startups today is software applications. Smartphone and tablet apps, specifically social media platforms, are constantly rising to popularity. Dating applications also have a wide target audience and usage. Do your research to what people want from their smart devices. You can create a competitive app to an already popular one or start fresh and create something new. No matter what, with the right tools and knowledge, you can create something that changes the world, like Tinder, Uber, or GrubHub.

Blogging or Podcasts

Lastly, those with communications degrees should consider online media. Blogs and podcasts attract millions of subscribers and users. Both allow you to work remotely with great monetization potential. With blogs, consider marketing, ecommerce, or paid subscription. While it takes time to grow your blog, realize great writing sells itself. Similarly, to create a good podcast, buy a high-quality microphone and audio recording software. Collaborate with high-profile guests to increase your listener base. Progress does not happen overnight, but with persistence it can reach the top of the charts.



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