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Between the bleak winter weather and the COVID-19 quarantine, it’s completely understandable if you’re having trouble keeping your mental health in a good place when the anxieties and stress only seem to keep building. To help you get through such a turbulent time, allow us to give you some advice for soothing anxiety and stress.

Cut Out Caffeine

If you’ve been indulging in things like coffee or chocolate, it’s a good idea to cut back. Caffeine spikes your adrenaline levels, which is a key part of your body’s flight-or-fight response. This can put you on edge and only exacerbate feelings of anxiety or stress as your body is put on high alert. Don’t go cold turkey, however, as caffeine withdrawal has side effects like that of anxiety. Instead, gradually cut back so that you can ease your body out of the caffeine.

Improve Your Diet

In a similar vein, making improvements to your diet will make you physically feel better, which will reduce the amount of stress you’re feeling. Because of the quarantine, you’ve likely found some comfort within your favorite snack foods. While processed and junk foods may feel good in the moment, they’re empty calories that will cause you to gain weight and feel bad later. Make sure you’re incorporating vegetables and fruits into your meals in addition to cutting back on the junk food; you’ll feel much more energized and reduce your problems.

Get Some Exercise

One of the most common forms of advice to soothe anxiety and stress is with exercise. This may seem a bit difficult to accomplish during a winter-time quarantine, but there are some great exercises you can do at home, such as yoga. Making the effort to get some stretches and exercise will keep you feeling limber and spry, breaking up the sedentary routine you’ve likely found yourself in.

Try CBD Products

A newcomer to the scene, CBD products have become more common and have proven to be great for soothing anxiety. You may be hesitant because of the stigma formed around CBD due to its close relation to cannabis, but rest assured, as there is nothing illegal about CBD, nor are there any repercussions for consuming it. CBD oils are easily applicable to the skin or consumed in your food and will not get you high but will relieve pain, anxiety, and stress you may be experiencing.



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