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To feel grief is a natural response to losing someone you love. Everyone grieves differently, and there’s no “right” or “wrong” way to grieve. But you can develop some healthy habits to preserve your mental health and better process your grief. Consider taking some advice for coping with grief and loss to help you stem the tide of overwhelming emotions and get a handle on one of life’s biggest challenges.

Stages of Grief

You’ve likely heard of the five stages of grief before—denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance—but you need to know is how this might apply to you. If you find yourself going through these stages, you should understand that it’s a perfectly natural response, and there is an end to this emotional rollercoaster.

However, what’s also important to understand is that not everyone goes through every stage or in this order. This is also completely natural. As individuals, we all experience and feel emotions just as uniquely. So don’t fear if you seem to divert from the “framework” of the stages of grief; you will get through this.

Seeking Support

Perhaps the most important advice for coping with grief and loss is never to endure it alone. While the process of grief and mourning can make you feel vulnerable, it’s always more difficult to go through it alone. Don’t hesitate to seek support—whether from family, friends, or a support group—who can help you work through your emotions and keep you from getting too caught up in your head. Humans are social creatures; we need others and want to help them in return.

Remember Your Loved One

Coming to terms with the loss of a loved one doesn’t mean forgetting about them. Many people find peace by establishing a way to honor and remember their loved ones through traditions, anniversaries, charitable work, and more. Just like grief, there’s no wrong way to remember a loved one if it helps you find peace.



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