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Being outside in any way has numerous benefits for people, including less stress, lower blood pressure, less chance of premature death, and a lower risk of type II diabetes. Unfortunately, we don’t always get the outdoor time that we need.

It can seem like there isn’t enough time in the day, but you can do some simple tricks and hacks. It’s all about modifying your day through simple choices. Here are some sneaky ways to spend more time outside.

Eating or Drinking on the Porch

If you are doing to eat or drink, why not do it out on the patio instead? Every day provides many opportunities through a morning cup of coffee, multiple meals and snacks, or some herbal tea. It’s tempting to eat while working at your desk, doing some homework, or while streaming videos. If it’s too much to commit to an entire meal, then try out three minutes per day to start with.

Ride Your Bike or Walk Instead of Driving

For some locations, riding a bike can be faster than driving, especially for shorter distances. It is also a way to get some exercise which is automatically in your routine. If you live close enough, you can ride or walk to work, get groceries, run errands, or hang out with a friend. It may be worth it to get a basket for your bike but using a backpack to carry things works fine.

Taking a Call While on a Walk

Another sneaky way to spend more time outside is to multitask! This could be a work meeting, depending on your responsibilities, or during a personal call like catching up with a family member. It beats just sitting around! Just put on some headphones and take a scroll around the neighborhood.

Do Your Workout Outside

Even if you aren’t a runner, there are still ways that you can break a sweat outside. Fresh air is great for exercising, even if it’s just a warmup jog around the block. When the weather permits, you can bring a mat to a grassy field for Pilates or yoga as a fall outdoor activity. Kettlebell workouts are also fantastic ways to build strength and cardiovascular benefits.

Spending time outside is essential for your health. Finding clever ways to get outdoors is doable with a few modifications during your day.



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