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What’s really going on between your ears?!

by Apr 11, 2019Mental Health0 comments


What are your thoughts saying to you???

If you’ve been practicing the exercise from my last article, then you should be well acquainted with the running inner dialogue that’s saying in your head right now, “Oh wait…I didn’t read your last article…maybe I should go back and do that. Click here to read.…I don’t have time for that…I should get back to work…I have so much to do today…ugh I have that meeting in an hour…I really hate Bob from accounting…all he does is talk………”

That’s the running dialogue I’m talking about. Right now as I write this article I’m thinking, “I don’t know about this topic maybe no one really cares… so it doesn’t really matter…I like writing this article but maybe I need to do something different…”

That’s my internal dialogue. If you stand back from my own running thoughts you’ll see none of it is really about the article or what I’m even writing. These are my fears and insecurities that bubble under the surface every time I do something that feels a little uncomfortable.

If you’ve been noticing your thoughts this past week you’ve probably noticed how much this ongoing dialogue in your mind influences how you feel about yourself and the people around you. It’s a pretty powerful voice. It can make you do things and say things that you really don’t mean and it can make a good situation really bad and it can make a bad situation pretty good.


Action Step:

This week I want you to start to see what your thoughts have been telling you. When you sit and get quiet…do you feel satisfied and fulfilled? What areas of your life don’t feel quite right?

Keep practicing the exercise of noticing your thoughts and now add in the question, “If I stopped listening to this internal dialogue of all of my fears and insecurities, what would I be doing or saying?”

I know…BIG question but an important one.

That’s it for today!!!

Have a great week,